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We create bridges and partnerships between the African/Nigeria Diaspora in the UK and Nigeria
DIFN’s engages with Nigerian based institutions with a view to realising the potential of the Diaspora in the provision of capacity building.
Diaspora Trainers Project
Capacity Development/Human Capital Development Training & Consultancy Work in Nigeria via our Diaspora Trainers Project
DIFN has a data base of UK based Nigerian /African trainers and consultants passionate to provide their services to Nigeria.
DIFN Diaspora trainers are particularly keen to work with local, state and federal government agencies to develop staff training packages that enable us to transfer our skills while at the sometime being affordable to Nigerian agencies.
DIFN is planning shortly to establish a state of the art Diaspora funded Training Hub in Abuja as a focal point for our Diaspora Trainers Project.

Diaspora Investment
DIFN aims over the next few years to be able to offer the UK Nigeria Diaspora community a numbers of sustainable investment opportunities in Nigeria through our social enterprise programme Diaspora Investment Network.
We will mainly be focusing on
Developing a Diaspora funded Micro Finance Bank
Sustainable Farming and Agro-Allied projects
Eco Friendly social housing initiatives

Diaspora Philanthropy
DIFN has over the years supported a number of community based initiatives in Nigeria for the next 5 years DIFN aims to work with 4 of them to develop capacity to be sustainable and to provide an avenue for philanthropic minded members of the UK based Nigeria community to have a way by which they can donate to good causes in Nigeria with the assurance that their hard-earned donations are making a real difference.
DIFN’s Diaspora Philanthropy will also provide a platform for any member of the UK based Nigeria community that want to do specific fund raising events
The focus of DIFN’s Diaspora Philanthropy will be
Developing Women, Girls and Youth Secure livelihood initiatives
Supporting Special Needs projects
Child Rights Advocacy